A new meal Everyday

My new years resolution this year is to eat a new dish every day. I do this because I want to showcase the plethora and variety of different cuisines in Ha Noi and to encourage myself to keep trying them. Every year I’ve found new and different dishes that have wowed me and titillated my taste buds but now I’m no longer willing to wait, I’m plunging head first into Hanoi foody culture by eating every dish I can find in the hopes of eating it all.

So far though, every time I scratch a new dish off the list 8 more take its place. Like some kind of cuisine hydra popping up and challenging me with its over abundance of calories and chili peppers.

For the first 6 days of the year these are the dishes.

Day 1 : Pho Ga from the famous Pho Hang.

To Celebrate the new year we went out and had the most well known Vietnamese dish. Pho Ga, but apparently we went with a twist by going to the famous Hang’s Pho Ga place off Yen Phu. Pho usually a very light dish had an extra additive of an egg I don’t really understand. Still delicious!

Ok, this one caused a large argument over what they were with our Vietnamese friend. Mostly he took to making fun of us for not realizing this is how eggs formed inside then hen during slaughter. Anyways they were absolutely a pure bliss of melted yolk.


Day 2 : Bún ốc

Meaning “Bun Noodles with Snail”. A quick stop on my way home gives me this delicious treat. I meant to stop over for a Pho Bo but as I parked my bike I noticed this Bun Stall. Bun noodles more rounded and less absorbing than their Pho counterpart, for me, are much more filling and satisfying. Hard to Resist. Accompanied by a bowl of vegetables(including Banana Flower), Garlic Chili Vinegar and a deeply spicy chili oil, I chowed down on the flavorful dish. These snails had a bit of a crunch to them but thankfully not the grimy sandy sensation some get, the tender beef and soft tofu were a great add(and the real reason for me ordering it).



Day 3 : Pho binh thuong

Pho Ga with mixed Chicken meat. Thicker, heavier and more filling than the common Pho Ga served to most foreigners. As it turns out word has spread that foreigners prefer the white meat of chicken and to help accommodate its the meal we will most likely get when ordering Pho Ga. While this is polite in its own way it hides away a true Pho with all the meat. Along with this dish we were served the innards of a chicken and boiled chicken. Delicious!


During this meal we actually loaded ourselves down with organ meat(Also not generally served to foreigners), and a boiled chicken. For years I’ve sworn up and down I hate eating it, but for years I’ve been struggling to hold the pieces up with Chopsticks and failing only to be told, “Oh… We eat it with our hands.” Turns out its cut in a special way to ensure a tiny bone on each piece to hold onto.


Day 4 : Bun Ca

Deepfried Anabas Fish mixed with morning glory, Bun, broth and spices. I don’t know how many times i can say Excellent and Savory but this is the reason i love Ha Noi. This fish flakes off the the deep fried bits offer the most wonderful dip and crunch in this flavorful bowl of goodness.

Learned two cool facts that day. 2. They fish itself can survive outside of the water for up 6-8 hours due to a special organ that will process oxygen.
2. Across the street at the Dong Da Mound was the place of a massive battle in 1788 between the Chinese and Vietnamese. They held strong with a fraction of the size of the Chinese Army and still managed to win. The defeat was so humiliating that the Chinese General committed suicide. The King of Vietnam then ordered the roughly 100,000 dead Chinese to be placed into 12 mounds throughout the city, one of which was across the way from the Bun Ca place we were eating at. Very big and open hill that’s great for taking the kids to play!


Day 5

Bun Ngan

A first for me! Bun noodles and Musk duck with coagulated blood, and Bamboo. This one starts off tasting like a real traditional chicken noodle soup. Add the Calamansi from the chopstick(Cross between a Mandarin and a lime) and suddenly it warps into a real unique treat.  We will be going back for this dish in the future, it was like a fruity greasy love affair with a splash of orange(from the calamansi)

dsc_0627 edited


Day 6: Bun Hai San Dac Biet

Seafood Bun noodles with Fish Sausage(further translation needed). Herein lies a little fish fillet, shrimp, mantis shrimp and two kinds of fish sausage or fish baloney.

Noodles and seafood were great, the broth carried a sour taste as if it had been cooked with lemongrass to compliment the seafood. Very different from the other Bun Dishes. Got it to go and the major kept trying to steal both types of shrimp.

To be frank I felt the broth was more for the noodles and fish and not for sipping. Alone the sourness was the focal point so unlike the other buns on this list we didn’t slurp down the broth till it was done.

dsc_0644 better

So thank you for reading. If you’ve any recommendation or ideas or want to join on an excursion just let us know. There’s so much food to be eaten and I’m always looking for company to help with this crusade.


#2 Pagoda, Hung Ky Hanoi

So the other morning we headed off to Hung Ky Pagoda. A tiny Pagoda off of Minh Khai street on the south side of Hanoi.

What we found was a courtyard under construction with new stone slabs being added in to renovate their entry bell-tower. As we moved to the rear of the temple, among whispering of nuns in training they had a small orchid garden. An Ancient alter decorated in a unique recycled mosaic way that was great to observe.

Soon afterwards the locals became very friendly but crowded the wee-bairn Major Danger. They offered a picnic and in hindsight we will return one day and take them up on it but at the moment I could tell both Major danger and the wife were feeling claustrophobic so we went and explored the front again.

Back in the front we paid more attention to the Pagoda itself, and the presence of the female Buddha.

There a small nun-in-training approached and we had a small conversation outside. I think in the future we will start carrying things to entertain people and have mini-English lessons prepared to help.

Hanoi Foody #1  -Ribs and Sticky Rice

Hanoi Foody #1 -Ribs and Sticky Rice

So onto the restaurant and what will be Sticky Rice with ribs(and more).

We are guided by a good friend and popular foodie in Hanoi, Minh Kanh. We’ve agreed to meet up once a week and explore.

Swearing up and down that I’ll get over my fear of photographing in a restaurant I came armed with a Nikon(One day We’ll try recording, but that will have to come much later.

The evening of I didn’t realize we’d even agreed to meet. Just speculation that we’ll meet one day at 8pm But boom there he was arriving as I escorted some inebriated guests(myself staggering as well) back to the place after a several hour Bia Hoi session.

“Get on! Lets go!” He said. “We’re gonna have something special with stickyrice. Can you eat ribs?” Without choking I think he means.”

“Yeah, lets get to this…”

We arrived at a stall like restaurant, bustling and busy at 9 or 10ish at night. 628 Troung Chinh, the are known as “Super Bad Traffic” to those in hanoi. This where the mouth of the Troung Chinh Bottleneck opens up in a big area just before Tay Son street and diagonally from Royal City. Before I knew of this place I’d stop by a 5 up Way (or 5ubway as the wrote it) nearby here for mediocre sandwiches.

Khanh quickly ordered by pointing to a variety of things behind the metal stall thing at the entrance. Included are “Oily Ground meat and Pate thing”, “Juicy Ribs” “Some kind of pork slice near to bacon” and the famous yellow sticky rice, all topped with my mortal enemy Cilantro(which I quickly removed).

“Xôi sườn cay” Our dish was a total of 40k or $1.80cents. The price can vary through the different Ad ons.
I spent about 20 seconds with my camera playing with the different settings before putting it down. People were staring and my desire to eat overwhelmed me.


The ribs were truly savory and full of flavour falling straight off the bone(That I didn’t choke on!), The pork bacon thing was decent but this weird ground meat and pate mixture with the sticky rice was what made this dish. It was like a juicy, greasy Asian “burrito” filling that set off all the right bells for my several beers motivated mind. (We would return and the same positive alerts would chime in so don’t worry, its not just drunk food). All the right sensations of texture and flavor we’re having a party in my mouth.


Upon leaving I said, whats the worst that could happen and shot a few shots that I thought were unnoticed till later(check the man glaring at me and the girl behind the stall making eye contact, then smiling).

A few things I’d like to do in the future is pay closer attention to the way they are cooking things, ask the staff and chef about the food and how long they’ve been going at it, and to inquire more about the history. Video or Vlogging I think is a long way off for me, but one day.

We then rode off into the night. Heres the view of Royal city and the big “super bad traffic” intersection of Hanoi.


First Step and the Chua Quang Hoa Temple

First Step and the Chua Quang Hoa Temple

Traveling and experiencing everything are completely different things, obviously. Traveling can be split experience everything or nothing. it’s very possible to start living less while traveling or being in a foreign country. Everything new becomes different, everything exciting turns to daunting challenging, quirks turn to irritation and the streets that once welcomed you begin to feel like metaphorical walls. Even your camera can stop acting as a lense and more of a shield and distraction from actual life. You become closed in and your trip becomes your prison.

This rabbit hole is called “culture shock” or homesickness and while I’ll talk about it in the distant future it’s not the meaning of this post, just a theme.

As I said it can be split. These things can also be what rekindle your passions, they can act as a stepping stone to grabbing life by its horns and… well taking charge of this metaphorical bull.

I’m taking a stepping stone in rebuilding my desire to travel. Paying a closer look to everything around me, learning it’s name, meeting people, welcoming new things. So every week I will do three things

Visit at least one new Pagoda or temple in Hanoi

Visit a new restaurant and try new food

Blog about it here to keep record and hopefully build a community of like minded people.

So the first temple I’ll write about is  a mostly empty one we found quite by accident that didn’t appear on any Map.

The Chua Quang Hoa Temple.

Just by Le Duan street we saw its entrance, passed it and in an effort to be more outgoing we did what we rarely did, we turned around. Normally we’d say, “Oh its too late” or promise that we’d go back one day(but then forget). Or comment on how it didn’t look friendly or that they looked to friendly but this time we went back. Never mind our anxieties.

The courtyard are was closing and we had difficulties parking outside but they pointed in so we took our bikes down a narrow path and parked them.

The area was quiet and quite small, an alter for burning in a corner and what would have been a plain yard to just another hanoi house if not for the ceramic circular windows. On a closer observation the garden was also quite diverse from Bougainvillea’s to peace lillys, a hanging starfruit tree above us and a wide variety of well sorted plants.

There was also a peacefulness here as the rays cast their shadows and cats scurried about.  When we left an old lady seemed to blame us for a cigarette but she’d found on the ground but we were already leaving. Don’t even smoke.

But we’d already made our push in the right direction. We’d done something we didn’t normally do and made our step in the direction of newness.

Major Danger in Skull Island ( Ninh Binh )

The Train Ride.


It was a deep sound
Clackaty Clack
A sound that people felt deep in their bones. A rushing train through the mountains creating a dulling, monotonous but unpreventable –
Clackaty Clack.

Major Danger slid down from his parents laps onto the train floor. Baba and Dadja looked at him down there. A cold and hard place but there was more freedom to it. It had been a month since his visit to Ha long and he continued to work his legs but still he couldn’t put his full weight on them. Crawling along the train floor he breathed in the dust and air around him building his immune system and giving him the independent movement he craved.

“I believe we will see Skull Island.” Tata said. Major Danger recognized Skull Island as the place where the legendary King Kong lived. A giant man person covered in hair who liked, just like him, to move and climb up things to get a better view. He hoped that if they made it to Skull Island that he could meet this Mr. King Kong and perhaps together they’d be able to climb up high and see as the adults see, and maybe even higher. The Major maneuvered himself out of the compartment and into the corridor. Smells and noises overwhelmed him.


“Well I guess he shouldn’t be putting his face where everyone else walks.” Tata reasoned as he picked up Major Danger. The loss of freedom was well worth the new view and warmth from his arms. He positioned himself to look around “Lets see what else is on this train.”

The train was divided into several parts. The carriage with sitting arrangements where they were now, a carriage with rooms, bunks and beds, and a final area with a small dining room. Where Tata carried Major danger and ordered a beer, still with him in his arms. “We can just wait here for a moment, right little man?”

There wasn’t much space to sit, only one booth was left in the overburdened dining cart. Green vegetables and straw were scattered everywhere about the place looked more like a storage area for fruits, boxes and vegetables that someone had managed to put booths and a bar underneath it all. In fact only one spot was left at the booth with both barman and a worker sitting opposite.

Major Danger listened intently to the conductors and bartender. “I’ve heard of many strange things in Ninh Binh.” The Vietnamese worker said to the barman. “Its such a quiet place but there’s an odd feeling in the air.”  The barman nodded. “Spooky chills and have you heard of Lying Dragon? Likes to leave his mountain and swim in the waters. eating the people unsuspecting people in the boats. Tourists and the likes!”

“Are you going on a boat?” The barman asked.

“And do what the tourists do! No, I have much better things to spend my money on this nonsense.”

“Then You’ll be safe.” the barman scoffed.

“Oi Little Major, stop squirming. We’ll head back as soon as I -” Tata said finishing his beer, ” Finished! Lets go.”

People murmured throughout the train as Tata slid past people in the tight corridor. The view from the window was green and misty over small hobbles with distant hills in the backdrop. Enchanting and foreboding at the same time, “Oh! Tomorrow we will be able go on a boat again. We’ve booked some boat and I’ve heard it’ll be very exciting!”

Boats? Thought major danger, But what of the dragon? with that he paled but the train kept going. No amount of maneuvering here would let him avoid this adventure.

Ninh Binh

With Major peeking through out the stroller they left. On dry land, thankfully. In the morning Tata had run off into a field out of Major Dangers site. Where he couldn’t see him or prevent and lying dragons from eating them. One day Major will ask Tata why he keeps running in random directions and maybe join him, until then he was content to look at the scenery from the comfort of the stroller.

They approached an empty and narrow pathway. The hairs on Everyone’s backs began to rise as an eerie feeling took of the air and trees around them. They approach a widening in the path leading directly into the mountain and a large gate. After inspecting both Tata and Dadja confirmed that i was a closed mine and neither could get at this time. Major knew what lurked beneath was much too difficult for anyone of them to handle and they would need to earn more experience before they could come back and enter this dungeon.

They walked through quiet temples. Up flights of stairs with steps thinner than their feet. Major Danger practiced climbing on these perfecting his ability to fall and be caught by Tata and Mama. He conversed briefly with a large brown bovine who was just as apprehensive to him as he was to her.


Then after a car ride they came to a new spot and he saw them. Boats.

Boats. Being rowed by older women in Conical hats. Boats the very ones Tata had mentioned on the train ride previously. Boats the kind that floated on water. The very water that would house the great lying dragon before he might eat him.

Major danger warmed up his throat and begin to use his words. Yet he hadn’t mastered speech yet and only alerted his parents too his excitement. “Oh he is so excited! He sees water! Yes Water Water! Just like in Ha Long!” Mama said. Baba said this too but in the different form of speech. “On Lubie Woda?” No the wouldn’t listen. It was up to Major Danger to help protect them.

Trang An Grottos

This boat rocked back and forth as Mama tossed him on board. Tata at the ready moved Major danger. Quickly he leaned over to check the water for this tourist eating dragon. Major Danger wondered if they were tourists but decided it didn’t matter. A forest of seweed stemmed up from the deep hovering and lurking just below the water surface.  A perfect place for dragons to hide and wait. “Whoa their Major!” Said tata as he kept his eyes on the water.

Major, Mama, and Tata took one boat and Baba and Dadja took the other. They were wide rowboats that could easily fit more so there was plenty of space to move around on. Each one had a lady rowing on the back in the picturesque conical hat. They rowed without a concern or care of what could be moving under the water.

Major overheard the rowboat lady talking about Skull Island. Hopefully he would be able to make it there before the dragon found and ate them. Then he could reach this King Kong and get his help.

Large pillars of rock rose high above them as the boat pushed its way through the water. They were similiar to the islets from Ha Long Bay. The dragons teeth! Were they in the teeth of a dragon here!? Mama and Tata took turns holding Major back from exploring the depths of the river. He did note as his hands hit it that it was cool and refreshing to the touch. He smiles that he was having fun while doing something so important.

“Get down.” The lady told Tata. After some hand gestures he spotted an opening in the mountain and quckly lowered himself while Major moved his mother.

Then everything got darker as they entered the river cave. Red lights clung to the walls like errant cobwebs giving a makeshift feeling as the boat sped up and the walls got closer. Mama held onto danger squeezing him as she became frightened. He could hear other people shouting as the area got to close for their comfort. Mr. Danger smiled as he knew he had plenty of space to move around due to his small size.

The boat knocked and bumped against the walls. The cave got wider and smaller, and in some areas the lights went completely out. Only glowing in the distance

Dragons were one thing but these caves were just part of the ride. Major did what he could to comfort  Mama but as the boat pushed itself he saw things moving under the water in the distance. He had to think fast but soon he had a plan. When they emerged from the sea cave he was wary but feeling better as at least he knew what was to be done.

He was going to scare the dragon away.

Whooosh! The boat made it out to a peaceful wide area full of the high peaks and tiny islands. A wafting of traditional Vietnamese music carried itself across the lake on slight whisps of the wind. This would have been a great moment to sing the song row-row-row your boat for they gently moved down the stream. Life was but a dream.

Bump! The boat had hit a dock and was being tied up. They explored a lush green area with temple, incense and Tata found a lady selling beer that was only slightly overpriced. Major looked around for King Kong but couldn’t find him. This was not

Major turned to see that the water was no longer placid. A colder air ran over them and the fish moved in the water, darting away. There was a popping sound followed by a fizz, Tata had opened his beer and let his guard down. The dragon could attack at any minute.

He made the last preparations on a rug-map and began to inform both parents to lower him into the water. The time was right and he had done all the calculations needed. Mama lowered him near the water and –

Bam! His fist collided against the flowing stream. A loud smacking noise reverberated across the canyon as he brought his hands crashing down. Bam Splash! Bam! Splash! He shoved his fists into the water stirring it up and proceeded to use the high-five technique to blast the water with loud sounds. Bam! bAM! BAM!! He sent a flurry of slaps and punches, high fives, slow fives, quick fives and there rest into the water.

Soon he began to tire as he toed the line between him, the water and the dragon beneath. Still droplets of water were flung up and down, into his hair and onto his face but eventually as all good things do he came to an end. He knew for certain the yes, the noise and splashing had saved the day and they’d be safe till the end.

As he slowly slipped into an held sleep he could see in the distance Skull Island appearing.

Next time he’ll meet King Kong. Next time.


When he awoke again he heard the noise again

Clickety-Clack Clickety Clack

This adventure was over and it was time to head home.

Ceramic Village Of Hanoi – Bat Trang

Ceramic Village Of Hanoi – Bat Trang

First. Directions to the Ancient Kiln of Bat Trang.
Its called Lo Bau Co, Xóm 3 – Bát Tràng – Gia Lâm – Hà Nội, Gia Lâm, Hà Nội. And looks half shop half temple. When you get to Bat Trang there will be tour guides trying to get your attention DO NOT go with them. They will take you to a tiny pottery house they own and will distract you from seeing the Ancient Kiln. I’ve known many people who come here and don’t see the main attraction because they the tour doesn’t include it as it is free, has free events, and only charges for clay(10k a kg) or if you hire them to glaze your creations.

From the parking lot you go straight till you get to a fork in the road. Make a right go and then straight till you see a white building with brown writing that says “Lo Bau Co”.

You will pass the marketplace on the way here.

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Bat Trang – Vietnams Ancient Ceramic Village. When guests stay more than a few days they almost always ask about this place. A place from 11th Century that was part of the East India Dutch Trading Company network of supplies and trading materials back in the 15th century. The popularity of Bat Trang Ceramics has since dropped but they have continued to produce their products through all the changes time has sent them. A popular tourist destination for locals and schools this place caters to tourists, children, artists and bulk purchasers.

There are three main parts of the village(four if you count the outer area where you can search half empty shops for Mod Podge).

The parking area with street food. The Marketplace, and the Ancient Kiln. Throughout the are there are hole in the wall pottery ‘schools’ covered in grungy decals to attract people for quick lessons at a cost. There’s a few cafes, bun cha spots, restaurants etc too.

I will let the pictures speak for the marketplace.

The Merchants and proprietors were friendly hassle free and happy to have us looking and photographing their beautiful display.  I will be back next week to pick up a tea set.


Marketplace Courtyard

Next is Lo Bau Co or the ancient Kiln. This is my favorite spot here and I’ve taken several groups of children here for them to make different things with clay. Its open, wide, has swing benches and an ancient kiln to walk around and explore.

Today Major Danger was to make Print Necklaces. A stomped on and grabbed sphere till its flattened holds the memory of his footprint, handprint, and painting skills.

The place has offered to fully bake and glaze our pieces(and fix the plate) for a price of 160k+30k for the clay we used. It will take the 3 or 4 days and they offered to deliver it to anywhere in Hanoi.(For me I’ll just cycle of there next week for the pickup).

An additional 50k for the 10kg bag of clay under my knee.

Adventures of Major Danger – Ha Long Bay


Photo of Major Danger age 8 Months

Major danger woke up in a rush. He was bundled up and placed into a big car on a cool morning. One of the first cool morning he’d ever felt but there it was. Cold air and a big open car. Many new things were happening, new family had appeared, new foods and people. Plus he was mobile, something he had been fighting for a long time now. Movement! Still wedged into the car and wrapped in his blanket Major danger was apprehensive. He looked around him. To his right was Mama, and to the left Aunt Sylvia. They seemed excited but nervous. So he knew he needn’t to cry that this morning wasn’t normal. They already knew.

They drove for a long time and he remained calm. At one stop, a big building with lots of shiny objects he could look at but not take. “No, no, we don’t need any souvenirs at this tourist trap.” Mama said to him. Then over food she made lots of faces at him while wearing those mirror eyes. Why does everyone always make faces at him, he pondered. Though the stop was big and he enjoyed all of the paintings, and the women in Au Dai* fusing over him made him smile.


‘Huge and large and water!’ Major Danger thought when they stopped. It had warmed up again under the sun and it was unfamiliar place with ‘hot’ black floor and cars. But that golden blue expanse! More familiar than anything else though no one would let him move past the big rocks to join it. Still hustled down a gangplank and onto a rocking floor to another rocking house that sat atop the big blue abyss. “We are on a boat.” Tata said. There was a sputtering, some noise and lots of people around watching the land move further and further away.

Major Danger and Company were at see for the first time ever!

Large rocks shot up from the water to the sky. Covered in green and scattered in the distance the boat rocked under a hot sun towards them, towards Major dangers first adventure.


On top of the boat was a green grass, but not like grass. Major Danger crawled around up top on the darker bit. He was practicing, for he knew soon things would change, and he’d need his moving speeds at tip top shape. He’d already learned the ‘walk on hands with but in air’ was faster than ‘Seal Crawl’ but ‘knees down hands out’ was easiest. A few people came and made bird noises at him and he showed off by going over the frame from outside to inside. He played with Uncle Kacper, Aunt Sylvia, Tata, Mama, and many others on the top of the boat.

Aunt Sylvia, the lady in blue, used the picture device on Uncle. It seemed that everyone needed many pictures even Tata had a time getting pictures of Mr. Danger. He explored the top full of laying down chairs, green grass that’s not grass, the brown floor and some smaller rock floors in the back where Tata and Uncle sat. Last but not least was the bedroom with a big window of the big blue water.

Soon the big sun went down. Everyone tapped glasses together and then a lady showed them how to roll ‘Nem’** with shrimp and vegetables inside. As the clinking of glasses got more frequent he started rubbing his eyes and Mama came to feed him and place him in bed. The sea was calm and always Mama or Tata was in the room to make him feel safe.


And the sun goes down on the dragons teeth

The sun shone through the bay window into their room. Major Danger opened his eyes and helped himself to the floor. This wasn’t his normal room or crib so it was a new day to explore. He left the warm and cozy bed with Mama and Tata and started his second day. A day to explore an Island and a cave. Mama put a green hat on me to protect my head from the sun.

Through the water a smaller boat cut towards the tower of land and trees that loomed over them. The guides told of a story about the mother of dragons. A long long time ago the king or emperor of Vietnam Sent his beautiful Mother dragon to help Vietnam. After helping Vietnam the dragon came to this bay and placed its emerald teeth here to form a wall to protect Vietnam. Over time the teeth turned into the high towers you see now. The people who live here and in Ha Long stay to show respect to the mother and her dragons who landed onto this bay as “Ha Long” means “Landing Dragon”***.

*Thump* The boat landed on a hard rock of a dragons tooth. Mama and Tata carried the Major across the hot stones to a place where water met a new soft floor. “Beach” Tata said sternly,  “You Go.” Mama helped him put his feet in the water. These sensations were new and exciting. The water moved on its own without Tata, Mama, or he splashing it. With water dripping from his feet mama carried him to the beach.

Now this was something new. A floor that moved under him! He tried ‘knees down hands out’ crawl but only flopped. He braced for impact but the soft sand only moved from his chin. ‘It sticks’ He thought but had no way of conveying it to Mama. Next he tried ‘Seal’ Crawl and moved until he became fascinated with the stickiness of the sand.  He stared at the pieces of beach he held in his hands, moving the slowly. Then he scratched his face and his eyes and… and… Oh No! The sand had stuck to his face and eyes. This time he knew how to tell Mama. He scrunched his face and gave small bleating(like a seal) wails. Concerned and frustrated Mama used water and her hands to un-stick the sand. Then Mama fanned him for some reason.

He continued researching the sand its properties for as long as he could.

Afterwards they went into the dragons tooth! It was dark for Major but Tata carried him in on the slippery steps. They even let him move around in what was called a “Large Cave.” After several rooms they came to the other side and Danger saw what he was waiting for, Stairs! He made his way up and down them getting more and more practice so that one day he would be able to return and explore the dragons teeth again.

With that they returned to the bigger boat. Then back to Ha Long city where they took the big car again and after what felt like forever(he let them know too that it was too long with some good noises), they made it back! Back to home with the puzzle floor, and his own white bed.

Major Danger had gone to Ha long bay and bared through Boats, Beaches, Caves and even Dragons!

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*Au Dai is a traditional Vietnamese dress. Tight fitting with flowing pieces they are usually very colorful and ornate.

** Vietnamese Spring Rolls
*** Usually translated as Descending Dragon. There was no guide who told us this story, we’ve heard it before.