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We took trip to Cuc Phuong National Park( A beautiful rainforest near Ninh Binh) with the the Bairn, Major Danger, and his chariot. And over snails, boar, beer and fish I realized I haven’t posted here about cycling. Nevermind I’ve got a stockpile of around 100 or so food dishes I need to write and post here and fb, today is updating cycling.

Hanoi With a Baby Trailer can be difficult so awhile ago I made this video. Its about cycling in Hanoi and a bit of history around a Karst near the outskirts of the city. Please note its a different location than Cuc Phuong, Cuc Phuong is going to require a few more visits to create a video as we got rained out due to a Tropical Storm (Podlum) and the fact its a rainforest and rains constantly.

Hanoi Day trip with a Burley Bee Child Trailer



Day #120 – chôm chôm – Rambutan

Day #120 – chôm chôm – Rambutan

Translated as “Hairy mess” from Vietnamese and Just “Hairy” from Malay.

Rambutan a small ball sized and hairy fruit with a thick skin that needs to be peeled. Juicy, lightly refreshing and mildly sweet.  A hazy piney smell with an light touching aftertaste like the Bradford Pear Blossom smell. A great addition to any plate of fruit.

Video of me eating and peeling a Rambutan.

Rambutan 10000.jpg

Day #119 – trứng rán – Deep Fried Egg

Day #199 – Com Binh Dan-  trứng rán -Deep Fried Egg

With a skin like texture on the outside, Trung Ran is essentially the same as a hard boiled egg. This time though its dipped in Fish sauce with a bit of chili to add a spicy, salty taste to each bite. A filling, very easy thing to add to your Com Binh Dan meals.


Deep fried egg.jpg

Day #118 – quả măng cụt – Mangosteen “The Queen of Fruits”

Day #118 – Fruits – quả măng cụt – Mangosteen

Opening and Eating a Mangosteen Video

Mangosteen, The Queen of fruits known for its “Cooling” and opposition to the heating effect of the Fruit King – Durian. A Tarty, slightly sour but deliciously juicy fruit hits a wide variety of tastes. “Like a Natural Smartie” has been the best description I’ve heard of this fruit, it is truly a favorite of mine.

Ranked as the fruit with the highest number of Antioxidants its claimed to have a positive and preventative impact on a variety of ailments. Anti-aging, anti-cancerous, anti-inflammatory etc. With research pointing to its aid in heart disease and a few of the above mentioned applications.

Priced at 30k-40k VND or $1.30 to $1.75 per kg in the month of July and August in Hanoi. When buying from other a big grocery store remember to wash them when you get home. Its not about pesticides or dirt but what bugs may have laid eggs on the outside.

To Eat
1.Take the Mangosteen
2. Remove the leafs and stem.
3. Press the top of the mangosteen(where the stem was) like a button.

4. Open from the sides.
5. Eat the white innards.



Day #116 – lac luoc – Boiled Peanuts

Day #116 – lac luoc – Boiled Peanuts

Like a nerfed version of roasted peanuts. They test slightly less like peanuts and are easier and softer to eat. Oddly enough they work 100% better as a beer food or an appetizer after you try them. Just hard enough to give a bite but without any crunch or dryness, these boiled peanuts flow with the beer without distraction.


Day #100 – Rắn xào lăn -Stir Fried Snake

Day #100 – Rắn xào lăn -Stir Fried Snake

Momentarily Chewy before it breaks up in your mouth. This half-bit sized pieces carry a truly unique taste. While moist, it has a taste similar to dried chicken with infusions from spices and pork. Simply unique.  The herbs around it bring out its interesting flavour.

Trying to describe it is difficult but I can say it tastes like the color tan or orange.

A bit of background on this and the next several dishes that will be posts. We have visited Le Tan – The snake village in Ha Noi and ordered ourselves 1 large mountain snake. We have yet to try the cobra snake though on a future visit we may need to do just that. All of the following dishes will be from what the locals called a mountain snake.Snake 5 Snake meat delicious and unique.jpg

Day #115 -Dê tái chanh – Stir-Fried Goat Marinated in Lime

Day #115 -Dê tái chanh – Stir-Fried Goat Marinated in Lime

Served Cold this dish carries a distinct sour, but not unpleasant taste. Lightly chewy, the sour tinge helps carry the taste and give it a more unique flavor. Reminiscent of fermented meat, if it ever becomes overpowering the sweet pineapples on the side can be used to counterbalance. Good for a hot day or as a meat that’s not too greasy.

Goat 2 Sour Slices.jpg